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Our Easy 6 Step Loan Process

FHA & VA Loans, Conventional & Jumbo Loans, 203K Loans, Zero-Down Loans & more!

From the first call to closing in 6 easy steps!


Let’s Talk About It.

During this initial call, we’ll assess your needs and wants, and match you with the loan product that fits you best.  We’ll discuss your credit, interest rates, closing costs and goals, answer all your questions, then lay out what the loan process will look like and the time it will take to complete.



We can take your application right over the phone in about 15 minutes.  Everything that we’d need to ask you, you’ll probably know right off the top of your head (Name, Soc Sec, DOB, Income, Assets, etc.), answer a quick series of yes/no questions, then at the end of the application we’ll get your permission to pull your credit report. That’s it, then we’re off!  Pre-approvals can be completed the same day and applications with properties are completed within 1 – 3 days after application.


Going Into Underwriting.

At this point, we’ll ask you for only the required identification, income and asset documentation so we can have an underwriter review your loan for a conditional approval.  At the same time, we’ll also order title work and an appraisal if one is needed.


You’re Approved!

Once the underwriter has reviewed your application and supporting documents, they will render a decision, and if your loan is approved, they will provide you with a conditional approval.  This means that they may have some other questions about your income or asset documents, require additional information from you and once the conditions for your loan are satisfied, you move directly to the next step.


Clear To Close.

These are the favorite three words every client and real estate agent long to hear!  Underwriting has reviewed everything; they don’t have any more questions and have now signed off on your loan.  Now we can begin talking about scheduling your closing, figure out what dates work for you and your location preferences.



Depending on if your loan is for a purchase or refinance, your closing options will differ. For a refinance, we can typically close right at your kitchen table with a closer from the title company, however we can easily accommodate a closing pretty much anywhere in the lower 48 states.  If your loan is for a purchase, generally the real estate agent(s) involved, and the seller will determine the location and timing of your closing.  Generally, you’ll need to be present for a closing when buying a house, but in some instances, mail away options can be accommodated.  Regardless of the type of closing, you’ll probably need approximately hour of time for this final step.

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